Companion Robot For Your Lovely Kitty


Fun, Security and Companion

Fun, Security and Companion
  • Night Vision
  • Video and Audio Interaction
  • Auto Pilot and Charging

The Kitty'Sphere is a cutting-edge entertainment and companion robot for your pet, specially designed to keep them engaged with play, interaction, and fun at all times.

  • User-friendly app control with integrated cloud storage
  • Tumbler Design
  • 12 teasing play modes
  • Laser pointer


  • Part Description

    • Laser Pointer
    • Wheel
    • Camera
    • Status Light
    • Microphone
    • Play Wand Holder
    • Charging Station Signal Receiver
    • Magnetic Charging Port
    • Speaker
  • Network Reset Button

    • Stabilization Wheel
    • Power Switch
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Product Specifications

  • Product Name

    • Kitty’Sphere - Pet Robot
  • Measurements

    • 96x97x95mm
  • Product Weight

    • 358g
  • App Compatibility

    • iOS/Android
  • Camera Resolution

    • 1080p
  • Battery Capacity

    • 800mAh
  • Wi-Fi Signal Band

    • 2.4 GHz

Enrich AIoT with Mobility

Experts in robotics and motion design, offering you the most advanced and user-friendly AIoT devices on the market.

Key Features

  • Unique tilting design prevents the robot from getting stuck or falling over

  • Intelligent auto-return to charging station, even through different rooms

  • Built-in security mode protects privacy

  • Built-in night vision. To let you see at night or when it’s dark

Key Features