AUTO uses its own ICs and unique algorithmic development to create smart systems that help things like robots move around on their own, avoid running into stuff, know where they are, make accurate maps, and find their way back to charge up. Giving our customers the best ways to move things around.
  • Products and Value

    Advanced AI mobile self-driving technology powered by our proprietary IC chips, engineered to revolutionize autonomous navigation solutions for a smarter future

    • Algorithm & Control Technology

      SLAM, Path Planning, Motion control

    • Environment-Awareness Technology

      LiDAR, ToF, Depth Camera, Ultrasonic

    • IC Design Technology

      AUTO own

    • Platform Integration Technology

      FreeRTOS, Linux, ROS

    • Multi-Sensor Interactive Technology

      Voice control, Object detection, Streaming,Visual recognition, Machine Learning

  • Mobile Empowerment

    Leading the Mobile AIoT Trend

    • Scenario Application

      Cleaning Robot

      Accompany Robot

      Healthcare Robot

      Guidance Robot

      Delivery Robot

        • Vacuum Cleaner

        • Air Purifier

        • Environmental Sterilization

        • Educational

        • Security Patrol

        • Healthcare

        • Medical Supply Delivery

        • Information Guiding

        • Directing & Collaboration

        • Restaurant Delivery

        • Hotel Delivery

        • Logistics

    • Connection interface

      • AMS RobotNeuron API Protocol

        • Send Command:

          Mapping, Navigate to point A

        • Return Command Result:

          Mapping complete, Navigation succeed

        • Event Notification:

          Coordination, escape failed cause

    • Sensing, Mapping, Navigation

    The exterior design of each robot belongs to its respective manufacturer, and this page is only used to express the concept of multi-scenario application.

  • Highly Integrated and Complete Solution

    • SoC



        • Target For Home Consumer Robot MIPS 74K, HW Accelerated Sensor Fusion, Sip DDR, LQFP128

        • Target For Commercial Service Robot ARMv7 Multi-core, Neon Acceleration, FBGA527

    • Software






        • SLAM (Mapping / Localization), Spatial Information

        • Navigation Planning, Object Avoidance, Breakout, Trajectory Inference

        • Environment Awareness, Recognition, Command Reception

        • Motion Control, Driving Mechanism

        • Highly Efficient Throughput Software Interface For Scenario Customization

    • Hardware

      Main Board PCBA Reference Schematic

      Dock PCBA Reference Schematic

      Sensor Calibration

      Factory Fixture

        • Facilitate Design And Layout On Product-specific PCBA

        • Charging Related Circuit As Well As Alignment Mechanism Design For Returning To Dock

        • Tools For Defect Sensor Screening And Calibration For Offsets

        • Jig And SW Utilities To Probe Errors During Manufacture Stage

    • Bundled Key Component


      2D ToF

      Depth Camera

        • Jig And SW Utilities To Probe Errors During Manufacture Stage

        • Economic Solution To Detect Obstacles For Avoidance

        • Acquisition Of Obstacles’ Shape And Range Information For Navigation Purpose